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Kovek Control Room


Kovek Security can provide 24hr alarm monitoring 7 days a week from its very own privately owned state-of-the-art A1 Graded Asial Certified Control Room

Alarm Monitoring Services
A Security System is only effective if it is supported by a reputable and reliable Back to Base Monitoring Station. You can have peace of mind knowing that Kovek Securitys Central Control Station is a A1 Graded Asial Certified Control Room that exceeds the criteria set out by ASIAL standard for Monitoring Centres.

3G High Security Wireless Monitoring
The vast majority of Security Systems utilise a phone line as their communication path to their Central Control Station. If this phone line is not working for any reason, then all communications between the Security Alarm System and the Monitoring Station will be lost. To combat this situation, we offer a wireless solution.

Coverage is available Australia wide ? Virtually anywhere that you receive mobile phone reception


  • High speed signal transmission
  • 20 times faster than the average phone line
  • Minimise phone line costs
  • High Security Monitoring of remote sites with no phone lines
  • Constant polling ensures communication integrity
  • Utilises either the Telstra or the Optus Network



Before you get the NBN installed you may want to check with our Office on
07 4728 3033 that your system is compatible with the NBN first.

If so you must ask your NBN Company to enable the UNI-V Port as this is where they will have to connect your alarm system phone line and before they leave call our office on 07 4728 3033 to test the alarm and confirm it is still reporting all okay.

Failing that we do offer a 3G High Security Wireless device that will be installed inside your current alarm system and continue to communicate with our control room and has no need to utilise your existing phone line or the NBN.

Please call our office to discuss pricing.